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Andreas Lietzke

Certified labour lawyer
Certified banking and capital market lawyer

Andreas Lietzke is a specialist lawyer for labour law and primarily advises employers and managers on all issues relating to individual labour law, works constitution law, staff representation law and collective bargaining law. In addition to drafting employment contracts and providing comprehensive support for individual personnel measures, he assists in negotiations and conflicts with the works council or trade unions, negotiates and draws up works agreements and collective agreements and, if necessary, represents clients in conciliation board or court proceedings. Andreas Lietzke also advises on corporate transactions in the form of share or asset deals and acts on both the buyer and seller side, from due diligence to negotiating contractual terms and preparing contracts ready for signing in cooperation with the notary’s office. In addition, Andreas Lietzke specialises in banking and capital market law and represents institutions primarily in the area of non-performing receivables. He specialises in the efficient enforcement of loan claims and heads a team for the judicial enforcement of claims in mass proceedings.

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