Notaries Public

Since its foundation, a major focus of our partnership has been in the notarial field. 12 notaries cover all classical areas at our offices in Bielefeld and Herford.


Corporate law

  • Formation of companies, drafting of articles of association
    Restructuring, transformation
    Company purchase agreements
    Advice in the area of GmbHs, AGs and partnerships


Company succession

  • Development of concepts for company succession
  • Succession planning


Real estate law

  • Property purchase contracts
  • Residential purchase agreements
  • Property development contracts
  • Subdivision of properties (declarations of partition)
  • Special construction models
  • Land charges


Marriage and family law

  • Prenuptial agreements
  • Divorce settlement agreements


Law of succession

  • Wills
  • Inheritance contracts
  • Assumption of execution of wills
  • Gifts for anticipated succession


Health care proxy and living will

  • Development of general and precautionary powers of attorney
  • Drafting of living wills

Manager notary office

Karsten Schneider Leiter Notariat in Bielefeld

Graduate legal officer (FH) Karsten Schneider

Phone +49 (0) 5 21 / 9 14 14 – 12
Fax +49 (0) 5 21 / 9 14 14 – 880

Notaries public in Bielefeld

Ivonne Bartling

Dr Claas Birkemeyer

Dr Tim Bremke

Dr Patrick Maaß

Dr Mady Meiners

Oliver Meinert

Dr Linus Meyer

Dr Matthias Rose

Dr Bertram Schacker

Dr Stephan Schmeken

Dr Jost H. Streitbörger

Notary Public in Herford

Corinna Maringer