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Streitbörger stands for effective insolvency administration/reorganisation and personal commitment. We are predominantly active in insolvency proceedings on behalf of the courts and consistently occupy top positions in the relevant industry publications, both in terms of the number of proceedings and the turnover managed.

Due to the restructured restructuring law, we are now also able to assist struggling companies in suitable self-administration proceedings as a restructuring manager or general agent on their way through the restructuring process. In some cases, we also represent creditors in insolvency proceedings on complex issues and employees in ongoing insolvency proceedings.

Creditor information system

We want to use our creditor information system (GIS) to make the proceedings transparent for you and give you the opportunity to be informed about the current status at all times.

Insolvency administration and property management

Ines Cammann, Axel Geese, Kai-Ulrich HasskerlDr. Birte Meister, Dr. Sebastian Henneke, and Dr. Yorck T. Streitbörger act as insolvency administrators in “classic” standard insolvency proceedings. With specialists in the areas of business administration / financial and payroll accounting, employment law and receivables management, we cover the entire range of insolvency law tasks. As experienced administrators, we monitor and support self-administration. We ensure that creditors’ rights are safeguarded without jeopardizing the restructuring.

Self-administration and management

Insolvency proceedings under self-administration are a special type of procedure in which the management remains in office and continues to act without the appointment of an insolvency administrator. Our range of services covers the entire self-administration procedure. We can either support you with one of our experienced Chief Restructuring Officers (CRO). Or we accompany the self-administration as a court-appointed administrator.

Protective shield proceedings and insolvency plan

Protective shield proceedings are a special form of self-administration with the aim of reorganising and thus preserving the company through an insolvency plan. We draw up insolvency plans for entrepreneurs in self-administration and as insolvency administrators in regular insolvency proceedings.

Reorganisation and restructuring

Our aim is to return companies and entrepreneurs (who have fallen into financial difficulties) to economic success. We analyse your company, draw up a reorganisation and restructuring concept and implement it together with you. We help to raise fresh funds – through banks, investors or other innovative ways. We utilise the various options available under insolvency law, such as protective shield proceedings, insolvency under self-administration or insolvency plan proceedings, to strengthen your company.

Insolvency law advice for companies

We advise managing directors, shareholders and creditors in all areas of insolvency and corporate law, e.g. in the defence of liability claims or avoidance claims or the assertion of retention of title rights.

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