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Philipp Scholz


Philipp Scholz has been a lawyer at the Verl office and partner in the law firm “Streitbörger Insolvenzverwaltung Sanierung” since January 2024. His field of activity includes advising entrepreneurs as well as regional and national companies in all matters relating to insolvency law. His expertise also extends to reorganisation and restructuring advice for companies that have got into financial difficulties, including the supervision of insolvency proceedings. In addition, his advice covers all corporate, contractual and tort law issues as well as the defence against insolvency avoidance and directors’ liability claims.

Phone +49 (0) 5246 / 9297-0
Fax +49 (0) 5246 / 9297-29


Streitbörger – Insolvenzverwaltung | Sanierung
Paderborner Str. 11
33415 Verl

Streitbörger – Insolvenzverwaltung | Sanierung
Roggenmarkt 11
48143 Münster

  • Since January 2024: Shareholder of Streitbörger – Insolvenzverwaltung | Sanierung
  • Since 2024: Lawyer in the law firm “Küpper & Scholz Rechtsanwälte”, Verl
  • 2021 – 2023: Legal clerkship at the Regional Court of Bielefeld, 2nd state examination
  • 2019 – 2023: Research assistant at the law firm “Küpper & Scholz Rechtsanwälte”, Verl
  • 2016 – 2021: Law studies at the University of Bielefeld, 1st state examination (specialisation area 2: corporate and commercial law)
  • Since 2020: Member of the Board of Directors of SC Verl (third division football club)
  • German
  • English

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