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Dr Claas Birkemeyer LL.M.

Lawyer and Notary Public
Certified administrative lawyer
Certified building and architectural lawyer

D. Claas Birkemeyer is a partner of the firm. He specialises in advising on the development and marketing of real estate. His areas of practice include public and private construction law and real estate law. He stands for efficient project development from the approval, planning, construction phase and project realisation to the transfer of land. His clients include investors, project developers, planners and construction companies, but also local authorities and private individuals. Dr Birkemeyer has extensive experience in the siting of facilities, especially in the fields of wind energy, retail stores, industrial plants and residential construction. In addition, Dr Birkemeyer is a lecturer at the University of Bielefeld and publishes.

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Streitbörger PartGmbB
Adenauerplatz 4
33602 Bielefeld

Streitbörger PartGmbB
Schönfeldstraße 3
32049 Herford

  • Since 2016: Notary public
  • Since 2013: Certified building and architectural lawyer
  • Since 2011: Master of Laws (LL.M.), European law (University of Passau)
  • 2008-2010: Additional studies in European Law, Universities of Innsbruck and Passau
  • Since 2008: Certified administrative lawyer
  • Since 2007: Doctor of Law (Prof Dr Kotulla, Bielefeld)
  • 1999-2003: Legal clerkship, Paderborn; research assistant fpr the Chair of Public Law, in particular
  • environmental law, Prof Dr Kotulla, Bielefeld; reviewer for public law
  • 1995-1999: Law studies, University of Bielefeld
  • Dr Birkemeyer is a lecturer at the University of Bielefeld in building, zoning and planning law. In addition, he is active in practical training. Below is a selection of his presentations to specialist lawyers, members of the building authorities and architects/planners:
  • January 2022: Expert seminar on land use planning, Duesseldorf Chamber of Architects
  • January 2022: The urban development contract, Duesseldorf Chamber of Architects
  • December 2021: Expert seminar on building permits, German Lawyers’ Academy, Hamburg
  • December 2021: Expert seminar on land use planning for urban planners, Studieninstitut WL
  • German
  • English
  • Author (forms): “Litigation forms on public building law and administrative procedural law”, in: Doukoff/Baumann (eds.), Beck´sche Online-Formulare Prozessrecht, Munich 2017
  • Author (article): “Concerns about the unique nature state of landscapes in accordance with § 35(3), Sentence 1, No. 5 of the Urban and Rural Planning Code within the framework of the siting of wind power plants”, NuR 2016, 161
  • Author together with Dr L. Meyer (article): “Recovery in the event of the revocation of a subsidy approval within the framework of insolvency”, NJW 2015, 2300
  • Author (article): “Hourly wage slips as the basis for billing in the plant wage process”, NJW 2014, 839
  • Author: “Expert opinion on the consequences of a citizens’ decision against the designation of wind concentration zones for urban development and regional planning” on behalf of EnergieAgentur.NRW in November 2013
  • Author (note on judgement): “Right to information in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act, note on Administration Court of Minden of 12 August 2010, Case 7 K 23/10” in: ZInsO 2010, 1842
  • Author (essay): “The direct third-party effect of fundamental freedoms” in: EUR V/2010, 662-677
  • Author (article): “Biogas plant outdoors: Conditions for privileging” in: IBR 2009, 2876
  • Author (article): “Neighbourly consideration: Wind turbines in the industrial zone may interrupt radio links” in: IBR 2009, 2760
  • Author (essay): “Public law in real property purchase agreements” in: Speckmann/Streitbörger (eds.), Integrität und Intuition, Berlin 2008
  • Author (monograph): Privatisation and responsibility in environmental protection law Berlin 2007
  • Author and co-editor (loose-leaf commentary): Preface in: Kotulla/Birkemeyer (eds.), Kommentierung der Landesbeamtengesetze, Berlin et al. 2004
  • Author (loose-leaf commentary): Commentary on §§ 132 ff. of the Brandenburg State Civil Servant Act in: Kotulla (ed.), Landesbeamtenrecht Brandenburg, Kommentar, 2002
  • Author (essay): “On administrative court controlling of review decisions” together with Kotulla in: NWVBl. 2002, 120 ff.

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