Know-how protection

A copyright serves the creator of a work to protect his or her intellectual property. Not only the protection of rights is often in the foreground, but also their exploitation. In this respect, copyright law is of great economic importance. We also serve you as the creator of a work and support you in the enforcement of your rights. This includes comprehensive advice, drafting, negotiating and reviewing of licence agreements and, in the case of copyright infringements, also the preparation of cease-and-desist letters, interim injunctions and litigation proceedings. The legal design of related property rights (databases, photographs and photographs) is included in our service

This applies in particular to the following areas:

  • eneral copyright and copyright contract law
  • film and television contract law
  • music contract law
  • publishing law, in particular also the law governing music publishers
  • rights of management societies

Our contact persons for know-how protection: