Doctor / therapist - liability law

The more complex and interdisciplinary the medical requirements are, the more frequently errors occur during treatment. Patients and the funding organisations behind them then sometimes look for someone to blame, whom they want to hold responsible not only for the deficiencies that have actually occurred, but also for their history of suffering as a whole, often with the underlying aim of asserting claims for damages and compensation for pain and suffering.

However, professional colleagues also sometimes want to blame their own shortcomings on the previous, subsequent or co-treatment provider, although their main priority is often to take themselves out of the line of fire. The legal advisor to the doctor or psychotherapist who has been called upon must then be expected to be able to use their own expertise and experience to correctly understand and evaluate the medical (or psychotherapeutic) issues raised by the plaintiff, the expert or the courts and to make a legal assessment.

Together with the client, an appropriate strategy must then be developed to properly counter the allegations in question.

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