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Dr Matthias Rose

Lawyer and notary public
Certified medical lawyer
Certified administrative lawyer

Dr Matthias Rose works as a lawyer nationwide. He advises and represents clients in matters relating to medical and contract physician law, pharmacy law and hospital law. The focus of this activity is on projects of professional cooperation between physicians as well as between medical practices and hospitals, including all related approval and licensing procedures. In addition, he advises and represents clients in administrative and constitutional law in commercial matters, with a focus on environmental and planning law. Finally, he deals with questions of hunting law. As a notary public, Dr Rose is based in Bielefeld. In addition to his practical professional activities, Dr Rose is also a lecturer at the Faculty of Law of the University of Bielefeld and is the author of numerous publications.

Phone +49 (0) 521 / 91414-41
Fax +49 (0) 521 / 91414-885

Streitbörger PartGmbB
Adenauerplatz 4
33602 Bielefeld

  • Since 2011: Certified medical lawyer
  • Since 2010: Notary public
  • Since 1993: Certified administrative lawyer
  • Since 1992: Lecturer at the Faculty of Law at University of Bielefeld. Together with Prof Dr Christoph Gusy and Prof Dr Johannes Hellermann, Dr Rose offered courses on “German and European Administrative and Constitutional Law in Commercial Matters”.
  • Since 1992: Partner at Streitbörger
  • 1988: Doctor of Law, University of Bielefeld (Prof Dr Dieter Grimm, Chair of Constitutional and Administrative Law)
  • Since 1985: Lawyer
  • Studies at the University of Bielefeld
    January 1985: Part II of the one-stage law studies at theUniversity of Bielefeld, North Rhine-Westphalia
  • 1978 to 1985: Student and research assistant to Prof Dr Martin Oldiges, Chair of Constitutional and Administrative Law


  • Member of the Medical Law Working Group of the German Bar Association
  • Member of the Administrative Law Working Group of the German Bar Association
  • Member of the Society for Environmental Law
  • Management Board (Secretary) of the Ostwestfalen-Lippe Legal Association
  • Member of the German Hunting Law Conference of the German Bar Association

Military service

  • July 1976 – June 1978: Military service / last rank: Lieutenant (reserves)
  • German
  • English
  • “Once again: VAT liability of a flat fee lawyer in a community of lawyers / Reflections on the article of the same name by Hebig and Schwedhelm”, in: AnwBl 1987, 33
  • Genome analyses of employees before they are hired: the limits of their permissible implementation from a labour and fundamental rights perspective / Monograph / Frankfurt am Main; Bern, New York, Paris 1989
  • “Genetic engineering and reservations of the law”, in: DVBL 1990, Page 279
  • “The release of legacy pollution from the law of the new federal states: Constitutional and financing problems”, in: DVBL 1991, Page 2100
  • “The Eco-Audit Regulation of the European Union”, in: WPrax 18/95 of 27 September 1995
  • “Criminal responsibility of the management board or managing director for environmental crimes: Eco-audit as avoidance strategy”, in: WPrax 2/96 of 24 January 1996
  • “The pre-treatment of waste by third parties following the entry into force of the Recycling and Waste Management Act”, in: NVwZ 1998, p. 1130
  • “Fixing of noise quotas in the emission control approval procedure”, in: Festschrift für Martin Oldiges
  • Old and new contentious issues in construction, environmental and telecommunications law, Ralf Brinktrine (ed.), Leipzig 2000, p. 177
  • “Criminal operation of a pharmacy without the necessary licence and prohibition of participation in the turnover or profit of a pharmacy / Notes on Federal Supreme Court Ruling of 25 April 2002 – Case 4 StR 152/01 (Stange) in: MedR 2003, Issue 5, p. 301
  • “DocMorris and the third-party operation of pharmacies,” in: Arzneimittel und Recht 2007, p. 107
  • “On the reliability of the pharmacist or: on the relativity of health hazard”, in: Festschrift für Manfred Streitbörger, „Integrität und Intuition“, Berlin 2008, p. 153
  • “DocMorris before the European Court of Justice: on the compatibility of the prohibition of third-party operation of pharmacies with the law of the European Community” in: Festschrift „10 Jahre Arbeitsgemeinschaft Medizinrecht in DAV“, Berlin 2008, p. 945
  • Litigation forms on public building law and administrative procedural law / forms and commentary in: Doukoff/Baumann (eds.), Beck´sche Online-Formulare Prozessrecht, Munich 2016

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