Contract doctor law, medical practice law

Contract doctor law owes its particular importance within medical law on the one hand to the increased need for patient care with increasingly scarce resources and on the other hand to the fact that authorisation to participate in contract doctor care is the essential basis of all medical/psychotherapeutic activity in the statutory health insurance system. In addition to specialised knowledge of the Fifth Book of the German Social Code (SGB V) and its guidelines and implementing provisions, this area of law requires legal advisors to have particular expertise in dealing with the health insurance (dental) associations, the licensing and appeals committees and the social courts. This applies to any recourse in the event of unexpected fee repayment claims as well as to the proper handling of plausibility checks and any subsequent disciplinary proceedings.

Special experience is required in the legal organisation of joint professional practice as well as the transfer and cooperation of medical practices, which is a cross-sectional matter that addresses several areas of law; knowledge of contract law, civil law, company law and tax law is required both for the drafting and negotiation of the necessary contracts and for the communication of the respective client’s interests to the contractual partner and the social law committees.

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