Mediation & arbitration

People often go to lawyers, because otherwise no agreement will be reached. We offer two different approaches to conflict resolution: mediation and arbitration.


Some of our colleagues are trained mediators. They act as intermediaries who help parties to understand each other’s point of view. Through perseverance, skill and creativity of the mediator, solutions can be found in many cases that correspond to the interests of both parties.


In arbitration, on the other hand, the arbitral tribunal does not reach a solution in agreement with the parties, but in contested proceedings against the will of one party. In this case, the parties do not agree on the outcome of the dispute resolution, but only on its mode.

The resolution of disputes by private arbitration boards offers various advantages, as they are usually confidential, while deliberations before public courts are regularly public. In addition, the parties can influence the composition of the arbitral tribunal and thus, for example, ensure that the members of the arbitral tribunal are experts in the disputed issue.

Our contact persons for mediation & arbitration: