Family law

We advise you as specially trained and certified specialist lawyers in all areas of family law. You have entered into marriage or are about to? Congratulations! We advise you on all legal aspects of marriage and draft a customised marriage contract if required. In this way, you will be protected at least regarding certain items during the course of your marriage. If legal problems arise during married life, please contact us before they escalate in order to find solutions together. Some of our lawyers are trained as mediators. If the separation is not final, we will advise you on the possibilities and legal aspects of reconciliation. If you are determined to end your marriage, we will go through the legal consequences with you and discuss what to do and how to proceed. We accompany you intensively and with sensitivity. We will help you with questions on equalisation of gains, maintenance claims, child support, the use of the marital home and the distribution of household items. Our competence in the area of family law also extends to matters of paternity, such as challenges to paternity, as well as foreign legal systems, e.g. in the case of marriages abroad. Also come to us if you are in an extreme family situation, such as a child abduction (abroad). Upon request, we will involve tried and tested family psychology experts in disputes relating to custody and contact law, with whom we cooperate successfully on a regular basis.

Our contact persons for family law: