Data protection law

One of the great challenges for companies is the effective processing of ever-growing data inventories. The analysis of personal data is a decisive factor in competition. Data are said to be the new oil of the 21st century. However, the handling of data, especially customer and employee data, involves not only opportunities but also risks for companies. Even if your own business model is not specifically based on the use of personal data, dealing with national and international data protection regulations is a challenge for every company. This is because authorities, employees and customers pay much greater attention to what happens to personal data.

We support and advise our clients in designing their business models in line with data protection requirements and in finding legally compliant solutions. From the preparation of data protection notices and declarations of consent, through the drafting of contracts for order processing, to the complex structure of a corporate data protection organisation, our specialised data protection team offers solutions for all data protection issues. We also advise on the technical aspects of data protection. In addition to data protection and aspects of IT security, we also check compliance with other legal requirements. We continue to assist our clients in coordination and possible disputes with the supervisory authorities for data protection. Finally, we provide support in the event of a “crisis”, i.e. in the event of actual or even alleged data protection violations within the company.


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