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Dr Norbert Küpper


Dr Norbert Küpper has been providing restructuring and insolvency advice for over 30 years. He has been appointed as a bankruptcy/insolvency administrator and trustee by the courts in Bielefeld and Münster since 1986. As a reorganisation expert, Dr Küpper advises you on all reorganisation and restructuring measures under reorganisation and insolvency law and individually on questions of company succession. In addition to insolvency avoidance law, his advice also covers corporate law and the resulting criminal liability issues. Furthermore, Dr Küpper is a competent advisor in the preparation of continuation forecasts and in the liquidation of companies.

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Streitbörger – Insolvenzverwaltung | Sanierung 
Paderborner Str. 11
33415 Verl

Streitbörger – Insolvenzverwaltung | Sanierung 
Roggenmarkt 11
48143 Münster

  • Since January 2024: Shareholder of Streitbörger – Insolvenzverwaltung | Sanierung 
  • Since 2002: Lecturer at the University of Bielefeld for corporate reorganisation and the practice of reorganisation law
  • 1988: Doctorate in law from the Faculty of Law of the Westphalian Wilhelms University of Münster
  • Since 1987: Appointment as bankruptcy/insolvency administrator, administrator and trustee
  • Since 1986: Partner in the law firm Dr Küpper & Scholz, Verl 
  • 1984: 2nd state examination
  • 1981: 1st state examination
  • 1975 to 1981: Studied law at the Westphalian Wilhelms University of Münster
  • Deutsch
  • Englisch
  • French

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